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    Default Former Knight returning to game

    i used to be in the guild awhile back for a short time if anyone remembers Reallyaguy. i just picked up stormblood and would like to rejoin the guild if you would have me again? my toons name is Reallyaguy Nicemelons and i am on most of the time. forgot to mention this is for the ff14 chapter on the gilgamesh server.

    here is my original post from back in 2015 when i joined, i was in wave 58 btw. sorry i didnt think to post this untill now incase there was no one who remembered me after so long.

    hello everyone,i am new to ff14 and saw you're recruitment post on the ff14 forums and this looks like a guild i would like to be a part of. i am not new to mmorpg's, i have played these types of games since before lord british even coined the phrase, everything from mud's to wow. i am a friendly person who gets along well with just about anyone, i think ahead to end-game content but have not considered myself to be a hard core gamer since eq1. i just made this char today with the 14 day free trial but i enjoyed myself so much i have already bought the game and even managed to get a friend to join as well ( it is my hope that he will app to this guild as well). we are both over 21 and mature players btw. thats all i can think to add at this time so i hope it is enough for an invite,im sure i will grow on you over the next 2 weeks if invited. feel free to ask me any questions you may have either on these forums or in-game, my chars name is Reallyaguy Nicemelons ( in other mmo's i just use reallyaguy but it wouldnt let me create a toon without a surname, hope it doesnt offend as it wasnt my intent).

    looking forward to seeing you all in game, Reallyaguy Nicemelons.
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