If you don't know what MAGFest is, it's an annual convention of massive scale that celebrates all things games and music (of games). The name is literally Music And Games Festival, so yeah. Anyways, I will be in attendance again this year like I was last year. If anyone is in the area or interested in going, let me know or post here. I can give you more info on how the event goes and what it's like, area tips from my experiences, and such.

I usually wind up helping/hanging out around the Mega-Man-a-thon area where a bunch of my streaming friends play/speedrun/beat as many Mega Man titles as they can in a 3-4 day period, non-stop. There are sometimes/often musical guest breaks and interludes so people can eat.

http://www.magfest.org for the official page, ticket sales, and hotel info as it becomes available.

Hope to maybe meet some of you guys there!