I wanted to get my AD build up here for League of Legends.


Marks - flat AD
Seals - Flat armor
Glyphs - Attack speed
Quints - Armor Pen



Item Build

Boots and pots to start
Doran's blade. Max 2. If on your first base and if the lane is going well I just jump straight to...
BF Sword (Attack->Damage)
Vamp Scepter (Attack->Life Steal)
Infinity Edge (Attack->Damage)
Zeal->Phantom Dancer (Attack->Attack speed)

One of three things now:
If you were winning handily and not dying - Bloodthirster (Attack->Damage)
If you find yourself now needing defense (getting killed) - Guardian Angel (Defense->Armor)
If you find the other team is not taking enough damage from you - Last Whisper (Attack->Damage)

You want to build all three of the above items, just use your head to read the situation which to build in what order.

Important Note

You need to farm. Offensive bot lanes are fun and if you can get kills, great. If however you are laning against a Soroka and just trading for no good reason get your head out of your ass and start killing minions. CS, CS, CS.