Hey everybody, been trying to come up with a good lore friendly name for my character for a while now. I was hoping that the forums could give me some insight and maybe help me come up with same names through this crazy naming conventions. A little bit of background, She's a sea wolf and I play both bard and ninja. Also here's an attachment with some screen shots so you can get to know her personality.


FYI, I find both Sea Wolf and Hellsguard naming conventions both acceptable.
I'm also fascinated by the name fragments eyri - wandering and moen - moon for sea wolf naming conventions. I loved moenbryda's name but I don't want to use one that's been taken by a character. Show me what you got, thanks in advance!

Here is the naming conventions and dictionary as well ----> http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/t...ng-Conventions