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  1. Holding Back Server Names Does More Harm Than Good

    Carbine is using a tired and ineffective page from the MMO operations play book. In order to avoid mega servers, that is servers that are overflowing with a disproportionate % of the population trying to setup there, they are holding back the names of their servers.

    On paper this sounds like a good plan, but the reality is holding back the names of servers removes the ability for large communities to effectively plan.

    There was a time in FFXIV Aureus Knights was ...
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  2. The Next Gen Kinda Sucks (For Now)

    The Next Gen Kinda Sucks (For Now)
    I started this weekend with a bit of a mission - I was going to upgrade some aspect of my gaming life. I more or less thought this was going to mean getting a next gen console and I figured itd mean getting a PS4.

    Now as a proud member of the PC Gaming Master Race I started where I should, could I upgrade my computer in a way that made financial sense?

  3. 2012 Prediction Recap: I didn't do so hot edition PART 2

    *** This is the second part of my predictions recap blog post for 2012 ***

    Next up, EQ Next:

    Everquest Next is announced. It is (at least on paper all well see this year) a theme park MMO with a fresh approach of mixing in strong sandbox/virtual world elements. EQ:N wont release until 2013 or even beyond.
    I'll take a half point here. EQ Next wasn't announced so much as it was temporarily unannounced. Where I will take the points however is I think ...
  4. 2012 Prediction Recap: I didn't do so hot edition PART 1

    *** This is a repost of a post that ran on my blog ***

    Prediction season - oh how I love you. In most years its a time for me to show off just how insightful and connected I am to the games industry, this year however I suspect might be a different beast. I really didn't see the force F2P was going to be this year (I really did think it'd be Pay to Plays year to come back with a vengeance) amongst other things. So let's get right to it and look at my predictions ...
  5. WoW Might be Slowing Down - But It's Still a Cash Cow

    *** Cross Posted From My blog ***

    Last night I waited in line with over 74,000 other people. *What was I waiting in line for? *Probably the coolest looking mount in World of Warcraft:

    <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="640" height="360"></iframe>

    I was kicked out of the line twice at different points of the evening ...
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